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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Various springs, surface coating

While I was wainting for the correct rear wheeel cylinders I figured I could try and wax some of the springs I have. As they are hard to paint and get the paint to stick and in an even layer I figured I could try and hot wax them instead.

Above: Cold shunk of wax.
Below: Heated wax with the spings.

It is important to let the springs get to the same temperature as the wax 60-80 degrees Celsius. Otherwise the thickness of the wax will be to large and bulky. When picking the springs out of the pan I just tap them agains something rigid to get rid of all the excess liquid wax pefore the spring drops below the was solid state temperature. This way you get an almost invisable layer of way that gives a really good rust protection and is self  healing . 

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