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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Third member & axles to axel housing mockup

Wanted to dryfit the third member and axles to the axle housing to double check that everything was ok before sealing it up with gasket on tube.

Clean out the housing from all dirt I could find, and not find, using compressed air, vaccum cleaner, rags, brake cleaner and also a hammer to tapp on the inside so that I would shake loose particles stuck in tight places.

Tapped the bolts in place with a small hammer, They didn´t seat all the way in, as I need to torque them in place using the third member housing and the nuts.

Rolled the third member in.

Lifting it in place and all the nuts are hand tightened.

Torqued down to 20 ft-lbs and then to 40 ft-lbs, to get everything seated.

Time for the axles. These will have an easy life behind the y-block.

Like a sharm. Not fully in, in this picture, but they where later.

The reason why the brake backing plates and brakes are of was due to the fact that the paint job on them had made the centre hole for the bearing and seal to small so I hade to remove some of the paint on the ID.

So now everything was ready to go for sealing everything up......BUT. I wasn´t very impressed of the paintjob on the third member that came of the supplier. So I just had to take a wirebrush and see how well it was, and it turned out that 1 min worth of work with a hand held wire brush gave this result.

So I figured  I had to remove all of the shitty paint the supplier had put on there and put on some quality 2 component urethane paint. But that is good for the next post

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