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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Eaton pump, assessing the part and cleaning

Started out by blocking of all of the ports to prevent the majority of the blasting media to enter the housing halfs.

After media blast (glass beads)

I then turned my attention to the Pressure relief valve and it showed some disscoloring on one of the sealing surfaces, I couldn´t feal it with my fingers but I just wanted it clean to prevent any chance of it getting stuck at the wrong position, so I tried polishing it with some fine polishing compond and a clean rag. After 15 minuted it looked as it was brand new. This made my brain run of and before I knew it I was polishing the pump gears. Here are some beofre and after pictures of the large gear.

The little gear is untreated and the large is only polished on the outside. More to come later

Took some pictures of the pump all taken apart and the parts layed out in order of assembly.

Some pitting on the axle seal surface after some polishing. This will not be fixed with some polishing. The specs for the seal says that the axle needs to have 19.05 H11 (+0,-130mym) or (18,875-19.05). So I will try to have the sealing surface grinded to see if it will clear enough to make it work. Otherwise I will have to check my sleave for some  more cards??

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