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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Power steering pump assembly

The new sealing surface has neen grinded down to the min dimension the seal allowes, 19.05 H11 (+0, -130), then its been polished.

Heated the bearing a bit to get it sligthly bigger for the mounting on the shaft.

New seal surface is just behined the ball bearing (above)

Finding the right "punch" för mouting the radial seal.

Added some grease between the ballbearing and the radial seal to prevent corrosion on the sealsurface outside radial seal.

Some lube and the centre gear lock pin in place

Freshly polished gears. White dots shows the direction facing out when I took it appart.

Centre gear lubed and in place.

Outer gear lubed and in place.

Instead of putting RTV sealant on the mating surfaces, I decided to lube them with transmission oil to protect them from corrosion, and letting the rubber seal work the sealing magic. 

The stock seal between the pump housing halves around the gears should have a rectangular cross section that fills up the whole slot, However, I was reluctant to order a set of gaskets for this pump all the  way from the states, knowing that there are a few different types not knowing if it would be the correct kit. So I decided to replace the seal with an EPD O-ring of extra flexible rubber and with dimensions making it the same volume as the old rectangular gasket. This way it will deform and filling the slot the same way as the rectangular seal did. See the calculations and dimensions below.

Above you can see the replacement seal in place and the housing just layed on top. This is the distance the new O-ring needs to be compressed.

All tightened down.

Pressure control valve, freshly polished.

Pressure control valve in place

Restriction washer in on top of pressure control valve.

Lockdown screw for valve and restriction assembly, with new O-ring. I always lube the O-ring before compressing them, to make their life abit easier.

Return fitting with new O-ring lubed up.

Everything ready for paint

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