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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bed rear crossmember

The out side of the rear cross member was quite beaten up from years of abuse. However I want to reuse as much of the original steel as possible. The die stamped bed mount attached to this cross member was riveted to the cross member. I took a look on the reproduced cross member on the market but couldn´t find info on if they where rivited or not. The Dennis Carpenter didn´t seems to have the die stamped mount but only a 90 degree metal piece, so decision was made to have a friend of mine to fabricate a replacement panel of the rear cross member and then replace only this part of the cross member.

The outside got smooth and best of all ..... straight.

My friend was kind enough to put in the effort to replicate the stock cut outs aswell.

Even tried to replicate the stock spot welds with some TIG tack welds.

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